Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we celebrate the Pipefitters who fought to make our country prosperous and fair. And we recognize the achievements of all working people coming together, as a movement, for more than a century. A strong labor movement is essential to a strong middle class, and unions like ours continue to make big strides for all workers — even those that have yet to organize.

Alongside our union Brothers and Sisters in every profession, we’ve fought and won countless protections for the American worker: minimum wage, industry safety standards, 8-hour workdays, weekends, paid overtime, and much more.

And in the face of a global pandemic, Pipefitters 537 has continued to persist and lay down the infrastructure to build strong communities, promote safe workplaces, and advocate for economic security for all. We have shown our communities what we have known all along: that our work is essential.

On behalf of all of us at Local 537, thank you for your expertise, skills, and dedication to our union. Have a safe, enjoyable Labor Day. Please take a moment to rest and be proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

In solidarity,

Daniel T. O’Brien
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537