Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you’ve been having a safe, fun, and prosperous year. I’m so proud and grateful for the responsibility you have all entrusted to me to serve as your Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer. It’s a position I hold with immense pride and a sense of duty. I have great hope for the future of this union and will work in unity with our leadership team, members, and the broader Local 537 community to build a strong next chapter of Local 537. 

As we transition to a new leadership team, we do so at a time of great opportunity and a renewed focus on the importance of organized labor. Though the nature of our work is ever-changing, with new technology advancements, evolving policies, and growing worker organizing across the nation, we will remain committed to ensuring that our rights are protected, our workplaces are safe and welcoming, and our work is valued.

All of us at Local 537 are ready to help you however we can. For questions or assistance, call the Union Hall or your Business Agent, or email LU537unionhall@pipefitters537.com. And to get the latest updates, I encourage you to sign up for text alerts by texting L537 to 77222 and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

In Solidarity,

Daniel T. O’Brien
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537


Important union notices

December 2nd, 2022|Union News|

Brothers and Sisters, We have a few important notices to share, including the 2023-2024 scholarship application, the pipefitter and air conditioning-refrigeration apprenticeship application, journeyman training

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