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26 Feb 2021

Rally on March 1: Amazon doesn’t need a handout

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Brothers and Sisters, Don't let Jeff Bezos turn North Andover into North Amazon! For 50 years, the 110 acres of land in North Andover that Amazon wants to take over housed a business that provided good-paying, middle-class jobs and benefits to area residents. Amazon, known for its low wages, wants to provide workers today with

23 Feb 2021

Organizing Win! Welcome to New Members with Atalian Mechanical

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Brothers and Sisters, Last fall, Local 537 members heard the great news that workers from Atalian Suburban Mechanical in Braintree and Stoughton, Massachusetts voted to join our union. Now, we're pleased to share that we have reached a tentative agreement with Atalian. In the next few weeks, we will ratify the contract and officially welcome 16

17 Feb 2021

“Right to Work” is an Attack on our Freedom

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Brothers and Sisters, In New Hampshire, we fought for the freedom to bargain, advocate, and earn a fair wage to provide for our families. Now, some state legislators, influenced by big corporations, are voting on so-called "Right to Work" (RTW) laws in our state. Last week, the State Senate voted in favor of "Right to Work",

12 Feb 2021

Nominate and Vote for UA Convention Delegates

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Brothers and Sisters, Every five (5) years, Local 537 has the opportunity to send delegates to the General Convention of the United Association. While we are not yet certain if the 40th General Convention will be held virtually or in person, we are proceeding with the nomination and election of 21 delegates. The Convention is

9 Feb 2021

Hard-Working Families DO NOT Deserve a $10,000 Pay Cut

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Brothers and Sisters, We must act today to protect families and our working conditions. Together we have worked hard to build steady jobs for our families here in New Hampshire. Now, proponents of so-called "Right to Work" (RTW) laws are spreading misinformation, claiming that this legislation will protect workers — but this could not be

3 Feb 2021

Canceled February Union Meeting

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Brothers and Sisters, It's hard to believe that we've already wrapped up the first month of 2021. I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. We're hopeful that as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out, the days and months ahead will be brighter. However, in order to prioritize the health and

1 Feb 2021

No Pay Cuts for NH families! Right to Work Isn’t Freedom!

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Brothers and Sisters, In New Hampshire, Local 537 members know what freedom means — and we know when it’s under attack. Right now in the Granite State, lawmakers are being influenced by corporations advocating for so-called "Right to Work" laws. "Right to Work" isn’t just bad for union members — it's bad for all workers.