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25 Mar 2021

Our Training Center’s Two-Year Anniversary

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It's hard to believe, but this month marks the two-year anniversary of our state-of-the-art Training Center in Dorchester. The grand opening celebration was packed with Local 537 families and community members, including our new U.S. Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh. In December, the Training Center won a major architectural award for how it "honors [Local

24 Mar 2021

TOMORROW: Testify Against “Right to Work”

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Brothers and Sisters, Tomorrow, we have the chance to protect workers and unions across the Granite State. We are up against powerful corporate interests, and our strength is in our numbers. We urge you to add your voice when the New Hampshire House Committee on Labor hears the bill.  If you haven’t signed up yet,

17 Mar 2021

Massachusetts Members: Help Protect Our Jobs

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Brothers and Sisters, As union members, we have power in our collective voice. Together we stand up for the future of our trade and for all working families. The Massachusetts state legislature is considering a new "Climate Roadmap" bill to address climate change and energy independence. The bill, however, includes a provision called the Net

3 Mar 2021

Get Connected with Local 537’s Women’s Committee

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Brothers and Sisters, As more women join our ranks, I'm pleased to share that Local 537 has a new Women's Committee. The idea came to pipefitters Julie Hemingway, Savy Francis, and Jane Walsh as a way to represent and support women members. Check out the full article from the Winter 2021 Newsletter and learn how