Organizing at Local 537

Unions exist because there is power in numbers, and Local 537 is one of the most powerful voices for pipefitters, welders and HVAC technicians in the country. Our members are in demand because they have the most extensive training and intensive hands-on experience before completing their apprenticeships. This has allowed us to collectively bargain for industry-leading wages, best-in-class health and pension benefits and the most safe work environments.

The hardworking men and women of Local 537 have each other’s backs always, ensuring a camaraderie that extends beyond disciplines, jobs and projects. It guarantees that we speak with a unified voice, and that management understands that what’s good for one is good for all.

We have been an indispensable portion of not only building our region, but building our communities. Our neighborhoods thrive when residents have confidence in their future, knowing that gender, racial or ethnic wage gaps don’t exist when agreements are collectively bargained.

To learn more about Local 537 and begin building a career that ensures a strong salary, fill out this form to connect with our Director of Organizing: