Brothers and Sisters,

Each year, our Local welcomes more and more hardworking female apprentices and journeywomen into our ranks. It isn’t always easy to pursue a career in the trades as a woman, but our Sisters are leading the way.

Local 537 is a strong advocate for diversity in the piping trades. With your help and support over the years, we’ve invested in programs like Building Pathways that prepare community members for apprenticeships and lifelong careers in the building trades. Our union is strengthened by our commitment to equal pay. As a result, everyone has a chance to access well-paying, reliable jobs.

Hear from Local 537 pipefitters Julie Hemingway, Jane Walsh, and Savy Francis about their pathways to the piping trades and experiences as female members in our new video, “The Local 537 Sisterhood.” They’re also inviting other members to join the new Local 537 Women’s Committee.


“As Union Sisters, we’re here to look out for each other.” Savy Francis, 8-year pipefitter

Julie, Jane, and Savy founded the Local 537 Women’s Committee last year for women to network with one another, build relationships, and call on one another when needed. To get connected with the Women’s Committee, reach out to

Thank you to our Sisters for your hard work and dedication.

In Solidarity,

Tom Kerr
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537