Brothers and Sisters,

In New Hampshire, we fought for the freedom to bargain, advocate, and earn a fair wage to provide for our families. Now, some state legislators, influenced by big corporations, are voting on so-called “Right to Work” (RTW) laws in our state. Last week, the State Senate voted in favor of “Right to Work”, and it now moves to the House.

“Right to Work” allows the government to dictate how workers and employers should conduct business together. Workers in New Hampshire deserve the right to sit at the table and bargain for a fair contract without governmental interference. This intrusion in the workplace from our state legislature goes against the values of the Granite State by infringing on the freedoms of our hard-working families.

In our state, we have a long history of workers and employers coming together to ensure equitable wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. RTW is not about freedom. It will simply restrict our freedom to have a meaningful voice in the workplace.

If you live in New Hampshire, click here to find and email your representative today. And share this message with family and friends who live in the Granite State. 

Our legislators should focus on aiding the recovery of our communities from the COVID-19 pandemic by creating good jobs, not pushing laws that will hurt the income and freedom of ALL workers and create more governmental regulation.

We must stand together to safeguard our communities and tell legislators we expect them to vote down “Right to Work.”

In Solidarity,

Tom Kerr
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537