Brothers and Sisters,

As you may know, a dangerous and highly contagious strain of COVID-19 called the Delta variant is spreading rapidly across the country and in Massachusetts. To protect the health and safety of all Local 537 families, we are asking that members use face coverings at Union Meetings until further notice.

The Delta variant is nearly twice as transmissible as earlier forms of the virus. While unvaccinated individuals are at the highest risk of becoming severely ill from the Delta variant, infections have also occurred in vaccinated individuals. Public health professionals are urging extreme caution for people gathering in groups to protect against another deadly surge of this virus.

A part of the Pledge we recite at the beginning of every Union Meeting asks us to ”help and assist one another when the occasion requires it.” For this reason, we ask that all members, vaccinated or unvaccinated, wear a mask when attending Union Meetings.

Thank you for doing your part to keep the Local 537 community healthy. Be well and stay safe.

In Solidarity,
Tom Kerr
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537