Brothers and Sisters,

As union members, we have power in our collective voice. Together we stand up for the future of our trade and for all working families.

The Massachusetts state legislature is considering a new “Climate Roadmap” bill to address climate change and energy independence. The bill, however, includes a provision called the Net Zero Building Code which would allow municipalities to enact their own bans on low-emitting fuels. This provision could impact our jobs and drive energy costs up for Massachusetts families.

Governor Baker has proposed amendments to this bill to protect our jobs and ensure diversity in our energy resources. The amended bill, which accounts for many of these changes, has been passed by the Senate. Now it’s up to the House to give its sign-off.

We urge all Massachusetts members to accept Governor Baker’s amendment to the Net Zero Building Code provision. Please contact your State Representative today using this tool from the New England Pipe Trades Association.

With your help, we can protect our jobs and show the statewide power of the piping trades.

In Solidarity,

Tom Kerr
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537