There is a loophole in Massachusetts’ prevailing wage laws that has allowed some companies to shortchange workers, hurt local contractors, and cheat working families. Prevailing wage laws ensure that all workers can earn a fair wage, provide for themselves, their families, and their communities, and be protected from discrimination. These laws are intended to be the stronghold that protects workers and while leveling the playing field for contractors to bid on public projects.

Through the exploitation of this loophole, workers are being unfairly excluded from the existing prevailing wage laws simply because they are performing the work off-site or not at the primary job site.

Legislators have the ability to stop this unjust loophole and continue to protect hardworking families. Please take a few minutes to tell your legislators to close the prevailing wage loophole and level the playing field for workers here in Massachusetts by passing House bill 2046 and Senate bill 1189.

We have the power to enact real change for the families and communities of Massachusetts and every voice counts!