Brothers and Sisters,

There are companies in our industry installing and servicing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems with woefully inadequate regulation and oversight. This legislation aims to stop that. The consequences of lack of oversight and shoddy construction work are too great to ignore.

As we well know, refrigeration technicians work with systems that carry toxic and volatile gases. Training is critical — safety can make all the difference and protect lives.

Members of Pipefitters Local 537 receive state-of-the-art skills and safety training before working in the field. This is quality and safe work that only adequate training and licensing can provide.

Everyone — workers and the public using facilities with HVAC/R systems — deserves to be safe. Tell Speaker Mariano and Sen. President Spilka to pass H.313/S.173.

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In solidarity,

Tom Kerr, Business Manager

Brian Nicholson, Business Agent, Refrigeration