Construction workers and companies with personal protective equipment encouraged to donate NEW, unopened N-95 respirators and other PPE

BOSTON, MA — Under the leadership of City of Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and in coordination with the Boston Public Health Commission, members of the Building Trades Unions along with their union contractor partners have been collecting new, unopened respirators and other vital personal protective equipment (PPE) to aid the city’s frontline health care workforce. Thousands of respirators have already been collected by the Building Trades Unions and distributed to frontline health care workers, but thousands more are needed.

The Building Trade Unions are issuing a broad public appeal to any and all construction workers and companies who may have new, unopened respirators (N95) or other vital PPE equipment, to donate those resources to the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). They are calling on individuals and companies across the industry to donate their PPE to the cause of helping health workers win the fight against COVID-19. They are also phone banking construction industry stakeholders and reaching out through email and social media to identify stockpiles of PPE that can be donated.

“Mayor Walsh’s administration has taken this head-on and we are proud to partner with them to support their efforts. In partnership with the administration, the Building Trades Unions are collecting these critical supplies in order to aid our city’s frontline health workforce,” said Brian Doherty, General Agent of the Building Trades Unions. “We must ensure all first responders and frontline health workers, including those providing EMS/EMT services, senior care, home health care, care for the homeless, along with acute care in our hospitals have what they need to stay safe and to continue their critical work. Please contact to coordinate the time and location of your donation.” 

“Every new, unopened mask N95 or above can make a difference,” continued Doherty. “You may have some in your garage or your company’s warehouse that are unopened and that could help save lives. Please help us get these resources to the Boston Public Health Commission, so they can ensure a centralized and rapid distribution to those on the frontlines.”

“We want to thank the Building Trades Union for stepping up to help during this time and for recognizing that we are all in this together,” said BPHC Executive Director Rita Nieves. “This generous donation will help protect our first responders and health care providers as they continue to provide life-saving care to the residents of Boston.” 

To raise awareness of the PPE collection program and to increase industry participation, delivery of hundreds of N95 respirator masks to the Boston Public Health Commission is scheduled to be open to press for 5:30 PM EST today at 785 Albany Street, Boston, MA, 02118. 

WHO: Members of the Building Trades Unions

WHAT: Delivery of N95 respirators collected through the construction industry to the Boston Public Health Commission to raise awareness of need for donations

WHEN: Wednesday, March 18, 5:30 PM EST

WHERE: Boston Emergency Medical Services (BPHC), 785 Albany Street, Boston, MA, 02118

To help promote the PPE collection effort, media are allowed to film outside the Commission during the delivery, but are asked to **maintain social distancing** while doing so.

If you or your company has the equipment to donate, please email and you will be assigned a drop-off time and location.


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Jim from the Plumbers Local 12 delivers N95 respirators to EMS workers at Boston Public Health Commission.