Brothers and sisters,

We have an unprecedented chance to expand opportunities for 537 members and all other labor unions.

New legislation House Bill 3012/ Senate Bill 202 will give cities and towns the option to use Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on construction.

Given the unparalleled amount of infrastructure money and support for PLAs coming from Washington, we must raise our collective voice to urge our elected leaders to vote in favor of this legislation and send the bill to the Governor.

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PLAs have been used across the country by some of the largest corporations in America to ensure their projects are done on time and on budget, and cities and towns should also have the option to use this valuable tool when appropriate.

The Commonwealth has also been able to use PLAs on public construction including the Holyoke Soldiers Home, UMASS Boston, courthouses, water treatment facilities, and more.

In addition to ensuring quality projects, PLAs secure apprenticeship and career opportunities for a diverse, local workforce.

Please take one minute to submit a letter to your elected representative on this important issue.


Daniel T. O’Brien
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Pipefitters Local 537