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Pay Dues


OPTION 1 - Click Here to PAY DUES ONLINE HERE using our Xpress-Pay website where you can pay all of your dues today! Please have your Union Card number (or last four of your SS#) and Credit Card information ready...Not sure how much dues you owe? Click on Option 2 below to find out! Dues is processed into your Member Dues Account using the date and time of this online transaction. 

  • Note: If you do not know your UA member card number, you may use the Last Four of your SS# instead.

OPTION 2 - Click Here to CHECK DUES STATUS & ADDRESS CHANGES HERE; visit the NEW ISAweb "Go To My Union" portal where you can view your member profile and update any pertinent contact information.

  • Note: 1st Year Apprentices or new members who have Not yet received an official UA Member Card Number 'dues card' will Not have access to Option 2.

Should you have an problems or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Union Hall Staff through the contact us link or by calling the Hall during regular business hours. 617-787-5370 ext. 3.


*NOTE:  Please allow Union Hall Staff 24 hours to Post All On-Line Dues Payment Updates To Your Local 537 Member Account  Payment Information. Payments made over the weekend will be processed on the next business day.

**Please be aware,
  All On-Line Dues Payments Are Processed Using the Date and Time of the On-line Transaction.   

Monthly Payment On-line Must be Made Prior to End of Month before Midnight or payment will count as a Payment Made on the First of the Next Month.