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Michael Lally Scholarship Presentation
Thursday, April 13, 2017

Michael Lally Scholarship Presentation at 1st Year Apprentice Initiation - Thursday April 13, 2017

At this year’s Initiation Ceremony, there was a special presentation of the Michael Lally Scholarship to two 1st year apprentices. Michael Lally was an apprentice that passed away tragically in a motorcycle accident in 2014. His parents, Scott (26 year member of LU 537) and Teresa, have since held bike rides in Michael’s name and wanted to make a gift of $500 to a first year apprentice to help him or her with their book expenses. The 5th year class, with whom Michael would have been graduating with this year matched the Lally’s gift and gave a second $500 scholarship. The names of each of the 90 new apprentices were put into a drum and the winners were Michael Sodergren, pipefitter apprentice, and Michael LaRosa, refrigeration apprentice.

James Curran (Assistant Training Coordinator), Teresa Lally,
Scott Lally, Michael LaRosa, Brian Kelly (Business Manager) 
and Paul McGrath (Training Coordinator)

Teresa Lally, Scott Lally, Michael Sodergren, Brian Kelly 
(Business Manager), Paul McGrath (Training Coordinator) 
and James Curran (Assistant Training Coordinator),

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