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About UA 537

About Local 537

Pipefitters Local 537 install piping systems that carry hot water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases needed for industrial production or other uses. We install both high and low pressure systems in Industrial and Commercial Facilities.  We also install process piping systems within Semi-Conductor, Bio-Pharmaceutical, and Nano-Technology facilities.  We lay out, fabricate, and assemble pipes from drawings, blue prints, and specifications. The members of Local 537 also install piping for heating and cooling systems. Pipefitters work both inside and out on new construction projects and also on maintenance and renovation job sites.

The five-year apprenticeship program in conjunction with on the job training teaches the skills necessary to be a tradesperson. Basic math, science and various welding procedures are examples of course curriculum.

Pipefitters Local 537 also has a five-year apprenticeship program for our Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Division. This divisions members maintain and service all the equipment for the HVAC and Refrigeration markets throughout our jurisdiction in New England.